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amy-jean muller

a box

How much does a box of ashes weigh?          

          When you pick it up

          and hold it on your lap 

or ask the lady when you collect it,          

          “I’m here to pick up my Dad”



19 January, 2022

Amy-Jean Muller is an artist, writer and poet from South Africa who lives and works in London. Both her art and writing explore culture, memory, mental health, identity, femininity, and sexuality. She has exhibited her art in South Africa and London. Her writing can be found in various publications and is a regular contributor for Versification, The Daily Drunk and Poetry EIC for Outcast Press. Her poetry book, Baptism by Fire, was released in January 2021. She has been nominated for both Best of the Net and Pushcart prizes. She also writes transgressive fiction and is currently completing her first novel, a collection of short stories, and a second poetry collection. | Twitter: @muller_aj

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