Rami Obeid

three poems

Hospital Music


Small paper cups

of coffee are a

token of something


Why are you there this time?

Worried that your liver

is failing?

Ease up on the Tylenol you



Did you take too much or not enough?


I sit in the waiting room


Shit problems


I mean

Something is wrong with Something


Step right this way


Coffee is good says my Dad

Eat an apple

Drink some water and

Smoke a cigarette


Take some blood

Can’t find a vein


I haven’t shit in three days

And I lie about what I’ve taken


Wait in the secluded area of blue


I have a Faulkner book with me

I fall asleep after trying to force myself in Southern Sun


A couple of hours later

after laboring over my living


My liver is fine

My kidneys are fine


Go home and go as you are


My girlfriend picks me up


And I drink water

by itself this time





As Far As I Can Get Away From Mold
I Remain Desolate in this House Full of Gold 


A wet log in a

Lonesome cabin

is better than

fire starters

who howl at

game shows

on TV


I have uses

for the useless

wood; I can write

something about

this misfortunate

Log/ but ah!


How lucky am I

to be able choose to

be cold rather

than be warm

with a headache

and no dinner



Yes, sometimes

cold is better;

I can always put

on a jacket

but I cannot

strip skin:


I am a walking


Books surround

Me with their


and they probably

say the same







Die In The Key of C# Minor



see it:


50s Doo-Wap

is in my ear

on a lonely

rain bus


Screaming does not

work when I stare at

soup being heated

after I come back


One whistle of

the lighthouse

screams and

tells me to

go to bed


God Loves Another Rami

24 January, 2021

Rami Obeid is a poet from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and is a staff member for Versification Zine. He has been published in numerous online and print publications. His chapbook "Marooned on the Shores of Malaise" is available from Whispering Wick. Follow him on twitter @obeid_ro