B.F Jones

two poems


The things I’ve seen and the things I think I’ve seen

Brown paper bag
Dead Labrador
Abandoned by a curb
People walking by
Not noticing
And in my head
A funeral for a dog
Old lamp post
World War Two
Unexploded bomb
Trod on carelessly
By nearby school pupils
And in my head
Debris and mangled remains
Forgotten coat on a branch
Hung man swinging
To non-existent wind
By oblivious drivers
At a busy traffic light
And in my head
Prayers for a chimera.



Little pain

It’s always here 
Like stitches  
Following surgery 
Pulling at my skin
It’s always here 
Flaring up 
Catching my patched-up heart
With sly surprise
I wrap it in a blanket 
Keep it warm, pampered  
Nestled against my chest
That little pain
That is always a part of me.



6 March, 2021

B F Jones is French and lives in the UK. She has flash fiction and poetry in various online magazines including Storgy,  Idle Ink, Versification, The Daily Drunk, The Cabinet of Heed and Ellipsis Zine. Her flash fiction collection and two poetry chapbooks will be published by Close To The Bone in 2021 and 2022.