Barbara Brooks


On Christmas, shot in the head,
sent her child out to play only to carry
her to the hospital.

Dead, that is all my eyes see
Dead skunks
Dead possums
Dead deer
Dead sky

My eyes want to see mountains
painted pink by the sunrise, see daffodils
and crocus color the earth butter yellow.
They want to stream the sun to the brain
to hide the dead and light the way to new birth.

20 February, 2021

Barbara Brooks, author of “The Catbird Sang” and “A Shell to Return to the Sea” chapbooks, is

a member of Poet Fools.  Her work has been accepted in Avalon Literary Review, Chagrin River Review, The Foundling Review, Blue Lake Review, Third Wednesday, Peregrine, Tar River Poetry, Silkworm among others.