berkay bayram

vulnerability of a naked soul

receiving the threat of a sharp knife held towards a head 

it made me feel that way when met with your bizarre stares with hate. 

is it disturbance, or is it pleasure that I have;  

haven’t figured it out but I enjoyed the stares you directed, yet. 

everybody says it’s vulnerable to be naked in front of some;  

it’s something to be ashamed of and a source of disgust. 

but I don’t believe in physicality, it’s a made-up shit. 

whereas I feel vulnerable since my soul is naked.  

I find myself a thought criminal for glamorizing the bad 

pardon me but pain is good, evil is my friend. 

if you just walk by me with your hateful stares, someday we’ll collide,  if you keep me and kiss me in the neck, baby, we’ll unite.  

24 February, 2021

Berkay Bayram (he/they) was born in Avşa Island, Turkey. They are interested in intersectional feminism and the Queer movement. Their work has been published in Ample Remains, and forthcoming works will be published in Resurrection Mag, and Poetically Mag. You can find them on Twitter at @honeyimyourdrug and on Instagram at @berkaybayramx.