charles nnanna

loud whispers

Which comes first, the flesh or

the bone?

                    Does the latter wear 

                                                   the former or

is it vice versa? 


Are we only truly naked when the

maggots are 

                  done with our skin?

                                                Is this covering of clay

a mere facade?


If it is,

then are 

             the dead actually dead, or

they’ve only been truly born?


If it isn’t,

then why

             do these muscles forsake us 

when our breaths are no more?

20 February, 2021

Charles Nnanna is a follower of Christ and son to loving parents. He's an emerging writer whose works have appeared or are forthcoming in The Global Youth Review, Feral, Eboquills, The Hearth Mag, Afro Literary Magazine and elsewhere. He lives in Abuja, Nigeria where he writes from. You could find him on Twitter/Instagram @runnyink_