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Megan Cassiday has a BA in Creative Writing from Saginaw Valley State University. Her work has been featured or is forthcoming in CLOVES Literary, Bullshit Lit, The Daily Drunk, and others. In her spare time, you can find her at the local home goods store buying too many decorative hand towels.  

You can follow the press on twitter @deadfernpress, and Megan @MeganLyn_

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Fiction & Poetry Reader

Rami Obeid is a writer from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His work has been published across multiple online and print publications. His chapbook “Marooned on the Shores of Malaise” is currently available from Whispering Wick Chapbook Press. You can follow him on twitter @obeid_ro

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Graphic Designer

Dead Fern's in-house Graphic Designer, Tianna Rose, comes to us with a Bachelor of Arts and advanced certifications in Web Information Technology. She has a specialization in logo and illustration design, and enjoys turning her client’s ideas into a unique and recognizable symbol of their business, such as DFP's classic logos or the iconic River Street Rhapsody book cover


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