Sean Jacques

The Mortician Died

An odd death,

he’d slipped and fallen out of his tub

and conked the right side of his temple

onto the edge of the toilet rim.


They say no one knew he was dead

for ten days. Wasn’t till Lyon Brooks

went by his house after calling 

about funeral and burial costs

for his wife’s cousin’s boyfriend

who died in a terrible car wreck a week ago,

and no one was answering the phone. 

Lyon Brooks said he smelt something awful, 

and ran over to the sheriff’s office

with word something didn’t seem right. 

They say that one deputy,

went to school with my boy,

Wyatt, believe he’s name, is the one

who found him there on the floor

next to his toilet.


They say no one seemed to notice him 

missing, or sick, or anything wrong 

but that might be as no big surprise, I mean

who really wants to go visit a mortician

less you have to? They say he didn’t have

much friends, wasn’t married, no kids 

anybody knows of. They say

no one ever seen him with a woman 

of any kind.  


Still what is more peculiar 

than the way he died

is they say he never left any plans 

on what to do with him 

when he did die. You’d think

if there was a somebody who

would make plans 

for when he died, 

it’d be a mortician. 

17 March, 2021

Sean Jacques is a fifth-generation native of the Missouri Ozarks. After a decade of scriptwriting and working as a creative executive at a film studio in Los Angeles, he currently writes stories and poetry while teaching English Literature. His most recent non-fiction work can be found at Across the Margin, and his fiction will soon be appearing in 34 Orchard and Cowboy Jamboree. You can find him on twitter @SeanJacques10.