steve sibra


My little brother has issues

he hangs himself in the closet –

No, not like that

I mean on a coat hanger

Inside his shirt


I used to bring girls

to the house to show them

what I was dealing with

“What is wrong with him?”

they might ask

“Is he asleep?” one said once


I told her “I think we are

all asleep, only he is awake.”

Another girl described him

as a lighthouse beacon

for errant ferrets

I asked for her hand in marriage.

3 March, 2021

STEVE SIBRA grew up in eastern Montana on a small farm just south of Nowhere.  Most of his childhood friends were tractors and rattlesnakes.  His work has appeared in numerous journals including Jellyfish Review, Gravel, Flint Hills Review and others, and is forthcoming in Chiron Review.  Steve now lives in Seattle.